Gallon Of Paint Covers How Many Square Feet

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Multiply the height of each wall by its width and add up the results to get the total square feet of surface to be painted. On average, it takes a gallon of paint to cover 400 square feet.

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A single gallon of paint will cover around 350 square feet in one coat, and how many coats you need will depend on factors including the existing color and of the wall and the new color you’re.

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and paint. On his website "Ask The Builder," Tim Carter writes that 1 gallon of latex paint can cover 300 to 400 square feet of wall space.

How to Know How Much Paint You'll Need | House PaintingHow to Figure Wall Paint – If you expect to need two coats of paint and the paint only allows for one coat, buy twice the amount of paint you calculated. Some brands of paint may cover 400 square feet per gallon instead of 350.

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[2] Ascertain from your paint dealer approximately how many square feet each gallon of undercoat covers. Then divide the total area by this figure. [3] Similarly, learn the coverage of a gallon of.

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300,000 square meters, or more than 3.2 million square feet. The project presents many challenges.

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