Wmr No Bars Still Processing 2017

Filed 1-27 – WMR STATUS bar worked then disappeared with the Refund Is Processing message see Tax Topic 152 and I worried but now I see this up this morning. Now I’m relieved!

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Jun 06, 2019  · My WMR status bar disappeared after being received. Why is this happening?.

This tax topic provides general information about the IRS processing of returns. If the IRS needs more information from you, they will follow up by a letter sent to you, there is no need for concern when you see this particular topic.

I got the same tax topic and.

Your Tax Return Is Still Being Processed. A Refund Date Will Be Provided When Available. 2018 If they aren’t flagged for review by the IRS, the return is processed and a refund. provided and a paper return filed. The best way to avoid being a victim of tax identity theft is to file your. after they

I efiled and was accepted on 1/31. Lost my bars, tt 152, but still have amount and filing status on left on 2/10 or 2/11. WMR says return still being processed and refund date will be provided when available since 2/10 or so. I called the IRS today a nice rep explained to me I.

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