Best American Idol Auditions 2019

For the first time ever, American Idol is holding auditions here in Western New York.

Auditions run on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the best advice we can give you – line up early!

If you can’t get to the judges in person, you can apply for "American Idol" online. Oct. 11 was the last of the regular audition rounds, as hopefuls try their best in San Antonio. Producers and.

"American Idol" judges Lionel Richie.

And I promise that I will try all my best. Thanks for supporting me," the singer wrote, garnering 685 likes as of Monday morning. Jennifer Earl is.

American Idol 2019 Auditions | Part 1 | Top TalentIf Utah is any indication, the ‘American Idol’ phenomenon is NOT about to reignite — despite Katy Perry – Open auditions in Provo back in August.

It’s no surprise that the judges are the best part of the two-hour “American Idol” season premiere on Sunday. Perry, in particularly, is energetic.

Week two of ABC’s “American.

“Idol” tour. Perry agrees, but Greene gets three “yes” votes. Finally, 19-year old special education teacher Maddie Zahm, accompanied by her best.

Jones, who performed a standout “American Idol” audition in Idaho.

Jones called it “the best day of my life.” Jones and Hess were assigned to the same group to find out their fate.

"I’m so nervous right now, I’m going to sing my heart out and hope for the best." The "American Idol" crew expected 600-800 people for the San Antonio audition. The show had to cancel the Labor.

NH college student sings for producers in ‘American Idol’ audition – "I want to represent New Hampshire the best way I can," she said.

got her shot at fame Monday with an audition for "American Idol." Nicole Hayek, 21, won WMUR’s "New Hampshire Idol" contest.

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Jake Puliti will forever be the “American Idol” contestant who inspired Katy Perry to do the worm. The 20-year-old Goldsboro singer had Perry dancing during his audition for the competition.